TX Stands w/Standing Rock: Dallas- Defund Wells Fargo!

Tell Wells Fargo to DEFUND DAPL!!!!

Close your Wells Fargo accounts.
Don't let Wells Fargo use YOUR money to fund DAPL.

On December 10, 2016 the Society of Native Nations is hosting a statewide action against Well Fargo Bank with other organizations and communities in San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Houston and Eagle Pass. We will be adding more details and locations as we add them to the list of communities supporting this statewide action.

Wells Fargo Bank is funding the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.
We need to take a stand against banks that fund oil and gas companies.

We need all Water Protectors and Environmentalists to join us in protecting Mother Earth against big oil companies and the banks that fund them.

Join us in solidarity and send a message to Wells Fargo Bank.

Here is info on defunding your bank account at your bank and moving to a bank the does not invest in oil companies like "Energy Transfer Parnters" : http://www.defunddapl.org/

4 Easy Steps to DefundDAPL

1. Go to your bank funding DAPL and publicly close your accounts, mortgages, vehicle loans, credit card, etc. submitting a letter to management stating your reasons.

2. Take a picture with a sign saying #DeFundDAPL outside of the bank, post the photo with a statement and these 4 steps copy and pasted,
@(tag your bank).

3. Input the total amount you withdrew in our withdrawal tracker here: http://www.defunddapl.org/

4. Deposit your money into a credit union that does not invest in fossil fuels.


Yolonda Blue Horse 972-971-5676
Frankie Orona 210-468-8201


2222 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75201-1805
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