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Fox4News 3/16/19 - Reported on the Vigil held for victims of the NZ mosque attacks

Fox4News reports on the vigil held for the victims of the NZ tragedy

From the article:

"DALLAS - More than 100 people gathered at Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas Saturday afternoon to condemn the attacks in New Zealand.

The peaceful 'We Are All Muslims Today' gathering was put on by the Dallas Peace & Justice Center.


'Being connected is one of the deepest human needs, and in times of grief and times of mourning, human beings gather and that's what we're going here today,' said Hadi Jawad, co-chair of the Dallas Peace & Justice Center.


Patricia Murphy said it's extremely important for people to care about what's happening to others, even if it affects those you've never met who are living in another country. 'It's getting to be a worldwide problem,' Murphy said. 'Hate is spreading everywhere and there's no reason for it. People should be thinking about what's in common, and the commonality is love.'"

You can read the story and view the videos on the Fox4News website:



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