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Right to Protest Day of Action

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The Dallas Peace and Justice Center joins the Society of Native Nations in a calling campaign to stop SB 1993 and HB 3557, bills that aim to criminalize protesting.

Texas Senate and House could vote to advance Senate Bill 1993 (SB1993) & House Bill 3557 (HB3557), dangerous laws that threaten the first amendment rights of individuals and advocacy organizations concerned with facilities deemed ‘critical infrastructure’.

If approved, the new law would have a terrifyingly chilling effect on our constitutional right to protest. The law turns peaceful protest into felonies punishable by upwards of 20 years in prison with fines upwards of $10,000 for individuals, and liabilities for organizations involved in protests up to 100 times that penalty.

For example: under this proposed law, if an individual involved in a protest temporarily impeded workers’ ability to access a pipeline construction site, any organization involved in the protest or that simply compensated one of the protestors some way with our without knowledge of the event could face fines of $1,000,000 or more!

Click here for our call script and phone lists:

The Mix CoWorking Space
9125 Diceman Drive
Dallas, Texas 75218
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