rev diane baker
Rev. Diane Baker

Lifetime Achievement:
Rev. Diane Baker


Diane Baker has spent her entire adult life caring for others as a mother, teacher, minister, and hospice chaplain and working for peace, justice, equity, and the planet. Since the 60's, she's worked with Cesar Chavez & farmworkers, CA's Ecology Task Force, Pastors for Peace, the Gaza Freedom March, Peace & Justice Centers, and myriad human rights and and peace organizations for the benefit of humanity and against militarism, war, torture, and the death penalty. She performed the first legal gay marriage in Vancouver, Canada in 2001. A recipient of the 2006 Dallas "Peacemaker of the Year Award," Diane has extended experience lobbying legislators at home and in DC, challenging the status quo in congressional hearings, and performing civil resistance and civil disobedience, "going to jail for justice" numerous times.

Already a life-long activist, Reverend Diane Baker arrived in Dallas in 2000 and immediately wove herself into the fabric of the community, bringing a lifetime of peace and justice experience with her. She served as Minister of Outreach at First Community Church and as a Chaplain for Heartland Hospice of Texas.

Over the years, she has worked closely with Pastors for Peace, accompanying caravans to challenge wars and blockades and to deliver “friendshipments” of aid to Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras and Chiapas. Diane was leader in the opposition to the war in Iraq, demonstrating peacefully in City Hall, on street corners, in the U.S. Senate chambers, at the White House, and often in jail, as well as serving with Camp Casey in Crawford, Camp Casey Dallas, and Women In Black. As an advocate for Palestinian human rights, she traveled to Cairo, Egypt with the Gaza Freedom March, a massive nonviolent march to demand an end to the crippling siege of Gaza. She’s an avid opponent of the School of Americas, torture, and state-sponsored executions.

Diane was the recipient of the 2006 Dallas Peacemaker of the Year Award, and has continued to serve in many capacities with the Dallas Peace and Justice Center. She’s an esteemed member and invaluable contributor to the work of Veterans For Peace, CODEPINK Women for Peace, and all the churches where she has led and taught for peace..



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