Jeffrey Weiss

Media Accountability Award In Memoriam:
Jeffrey Weiss


Jeffrey Weiss was known as a career journalist at The Dallas Morning News, whose most recent stories documented his life-ending struggle with glioblastoma brain cancer.

Not unlike all his other reporting, his writings about his journey with terminal cancer resonated and fostered a clear understanding with his readers, while also trying to push the Federal Drug Administration for a new approach for treating brain cancer.

Known for his ethical and responsible reporting, Jeff’s life and career spanned decades of superb journalistic writing with stories that have been meaningful in the lives of many readers. From those who knew his writing best, Jeff was noted for being a clear and gifted storyteller, a journalist who could take “anything controversial, scientific or complicated and put it in terms we can all understand. Whatever it was, he could make a story understandable and interesting.”

He began his career at the Miami Herald, where he worked for almost a decade. Following his tenure there, he joined the Dallas Morning News staff in 1988. Religion was one of several topics he covered during his tenure with The News. He was also known for his stories on education and energy.

In June 2017, he received the Dallas Press Club’s North Texas Legends Award. In August, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Religious News Association.

According to Jeff’s wife, Marni, his life revolved around his passion for journalism and his love of family. Jeff’s stories will live on in the hearts of many and his voice will resonate with those who can enact policies to push for a new cure for brain cancer. You can read his work on Jeff's author page:




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