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Media Accountability Award:
KNON Workers Beat


KNON is a non-profit, listener-supported community radio station. Throughout the years, KNON has received awards for its unique programming. KNON was chosen as the Best Radio Station in Dallas by both The Dallas Observer and D-Magazine – an unprecedented honor for the Station and all of its dedicated volunteers.

Today we honor KNON’s Workers Beat, a talk-show whose mission is to be the Voice of the People in the Dallas area. They provide unique programming to reflect the diversity of the entire community. The show’s description reads: "Almost everything you see and hear comes from the bosses, or was approved by them. Employees don’t control the movies, the book publishers, TV, or the radio stations. Bosses do. The outlook and opinions of the bosses are expressed, everywhere and all the time. The outlook and opinions of workers get almost no expression. KNON “Workers Beat” talk show is an exception. Join us!” Two stellar North Texas labor leaders, Gene Lantz and Bonnie Mathias, generously volunteer their time as the show’s DJs.





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