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Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky



Robert Wilonsky was born in Dallas and graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School, where he was a swimmer and a cheerleader. He went on to attend the University of Texas at Austin, where, during his senior year, he was the managing editor of the Daily Texan. After graduating, Wilonsky was hired by the Dallas Times-Herald, but soon moved to the Dallas Observer, where he spent years as a staff writer, music editor, film critic, pop-culture and sports columnist and as editor of the Unfair Park blog. According to the Observer itself, Wilonsky is a famously tireless worker, and that work ethic helped build the blog into one of the most read and respected alt-weekly blogs in the country. Eventually, he left the Observer for the Dallas Morning News, where he's now a City Reporter, Columnist, and the Digital Managing Editor who oversees the paper's website.

A top-notch investigative reporter, history buff, protector of landmarks and neighborhoods, City Hall regular, and champion of human rights and the environment, Wilonsky has spent years writing prolifically about "everything Dallas." From sports to weather, from city development to law enforcement, from racism to pollution, from entertainment to tragedy, from crime to altruism, and everthing in between, he has been instrumental in raising public awareness about a myriad of issues of utmost importance to the citizens of Dallas.

Through frequent in-depth and influential reporting, he introduces us to fascinating characters and exposes corruption where he sees it. Recently, through a series of probing articles, he was key in exposing the atrocity that has become known as "Shingle Mountain," in which a company was able to pile discarded roofing shingles several stories high, making a mound that backs up directly to a private home and spreading toxic fumes through the neighborhood.

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