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Olinka Green is a fierce crusader for justice. She has been directly involved in activism for over 20 years, with the last 10 focused on the issue of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter Protest and Campaigns.

This issue is particularly close to Olinka's heart because she was a victim of police brutality. In 2015, Olinka was protesting the deaths of women of color, particularly transgender women, at the hands of police in the West End, when she was arrested in the middle of a one-women protest. Olinka was walking with posters of women killed by law enforcement when a DART officer assaulted her.

Olinka was charged with assault on two public servants and was facing a $30,000 fine, identical to the charges faced by Sandra Bland, the Illinois woman who died in police custody. Due to Olinka's community work and activism, bail was raised through community fundraising. With pressure of Black Lives Matter, the case against her was dropped.

Olinka has received numerous awards, including the Dallas Peacemaker Award of the Year from the Dallas Peace & Justice Center, The Sandra Bland Award, and Ambassador for Justice Award from Cathedral of Hope. She is a member of SMU Women of Color Speakers Collective, and was voted by the Dallas Observer as one of the 10 Brilliant Dallas Women. She is a founding Alumni of the Texas Organizing Project's Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute.

Olinka is also a certified Health Educator with more than 30 years of providing health education through the African American community with a focus on preserving African American families at risk. She is the mother of 2 sons and has one granddaughter.

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