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Report from the Nuclear Free World Committee
Meeting March 8, 2019

The Nuclear Free World Committee held its March meeting at the home of Bill Maxwell because of installation work going on for a new Wi-Fi system at The Mix.
Aftab Siddiqui spoke to us about the current conflict between India and Pakistan and the historical roots of it. Because both countries are nuclear weapons armed, the risks such conflict poses were high on our agenda. We also had the opportunity for questions and discussion.
We continued our discussion of films and speakers for the remainder of this year, and developed a list for the first three films/videos. We also agreed to reconnect with Jeff and Arjun as possible speakers.
Lon had sent information that he has reserved two rooms near Gallup, NM, for the July event marking the Rio Puerco uranium spill, and will also look at the event in Tularosa for the Trinity anniversary.
The next meeting is scheduled for the second Friday in April at The Mix.
- Mavis Belisle



Report from the Nuclear Free World Committee
Meeting February 20, 2019


The Nuclear Free World Committee met Feb. 8 at Carolyn Bentley's house for our regular meeting. The site was changed to accommodate viewing videos for the coming year.

We began with a review of the strategy/planning meeting in late January, and followed with an update on a Cleburne visit to meet with Marshallese.

A review of regional and national issues began with plans to participate in an event commemorating the Rio Puerco mine spill, still wreaking environmental havoc on the region and on Dine' land. National issues included a new nuclear weapons system going into production at Pantex.

The remainder of the meeting included viewing several film clips for use throughout the year.

The next meeting is scheduled for the second Friday of March, beginning with a brown bag luncheon at 12:30 at the Mix, and the meeting at 1 p.m.

- Mavis Belisle



Report from the Nuclear Free World Committee
Meeting January 11, 2019

The Nuclear Free World Committee met Jan. 11 at the home of Susybelle Gosslee, to watch a video of Fukushima from 60 Minutes. Because of technical difficulties, we were unable to watch the video, and moved on the the rest of the agenda.

We discussed "The Day After," a program Joyce has bought with showing rights, but did not come to a conclusion on where to show it or when. We also suggested showing videos regularly, and a couple were suggested, including "Fat Man and Little Boy."

We also discussed the DJC strategy meeting Jan. 12, and the time for committee meetings included there.

Carolyn also mentioned a physics engineer she had met at SMU, and will follow up with him for a possible program. Jeff Dumas has also indicated a willingness to do a program on his new book. Mavis will check with him again.

We had postponed a program with the Marshallese because of the awards banquet and holidays, but will follow up again with that.

Plans for the strategy retreat Jan. 26 at Joyce's (9:30-2:30) were discussed, and a draft agenda should be available the next week.

Next meeting: Feb. 8 at The Mix, 12:30 brown bag, 1 p.m. meeting.

 - Joyce Hall



May 11, 2018 NFW Committee Notes:

The meeting began with discussion of nuclear waste issues, including the recent hearings on proposed sites, in three New Mexico communities. The hearings have now been expanded to include two additional sites, including Albuquerque.

The 2019 federal budget draft includes funds for Yucca Mountain, but no money for consolidated interim storage, and there was discussion on what this means for both Waste Control Specialists (WCS) in Texas and a New Mexico site, but there is great uncertainty at this point, and there may be better information at the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability DC Days and spring meeting in DC later this month. Lon will be there for DC Days, and both Lon and Mavis will attend the spring meeting.

We debriefed our bannering in support the the Korea talks the previous week, and noted that it was the first time we could remember that there was no visible negative response, and much positive response, both from auto traffic and pedestrian passers-by. The Korea summit has now been set for June 12 in Singapore.

There was discussion on the US withdrawal from the agreement with Iran, and the ability of European states to hold to the agreement, though they are not supporting the US action. Apparently there major problems with banking and trade, though none of understand these issue clearly enough. We decided to try to reach Jeff Dumas at UTD to help us with these issues.Mavis will try to contact him next week.

We also discussed the Ira Helfand visit May 16-17, and the need to get good turnout for the 7 p.m. program. We also discussed outreach to young adults at several campuses, and the importance of reservations for the dinner. Though it is free, sponsors need to emphasize reservations to their members.

The "Doomsday Machine" book discussion by Pax Christi is continuing for this month, and there was no interest in a daytime group, so that was discontinued, but can be restarted if there is interest.

Several nuclear weapons issues were also discussed, including the Nuclear Posture Review, and the 2019 budget proposal for nuclear weapons (up more than 20%) including the long range standoff missile, which has previously been cancelled. There is also proposed new pit production at the Savanna River Site in Georgia and Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory in New Mexico. Again, too little information is available yet, but should be available by the ANA spring meeting next month.

We discussed the planned program with Marshallese, and Mavis, Joyce and Carolyn will try to schedule a visit with them in Cleburne after May 27 to set a program up.

The next committee meeting will be June 8 at the Mix.




April 13, 2018 NFW Committee Notes

The committee met April 13 at 12:30 p.m. at the Mix for brown bag lunch and our regular meeting.

Nuclear waste issues were discussed, including a series of meetings in New Mexico on siting of interim storage. Hearings are being held in Roswell, Carlsbad, and Hobbes April 16-19. NRC meetings in SE N Mx are April 29- May 3. Susybelle is planning on attending the first two.

Yucca Mountain permanent disposal site, though not formally still under consideration, is included in the FY2019 federal budget.

In Texas, Waste Control Specialists has reopened its proposal for high level nuclear waste storage, and a new company, Energy Solutions, is also being considered.

There was some discussion of the Nuclear Posture Review, and the 2019 budget proposal for nuclear weapons includes the long range standoff missile again and seral "upgrades."

DC Days is scheduled for May 20-23 in Washington, DC. Lon is going, and all are welcome to attend.

The visit of Ira Helfand in being developed.

A demonstration in support of the Korea peace talks is scheduled for April 26 at Mockingbird and Central. Time still undetermined, and to be discussed at board meeting.

The Doomsday Machine book discussion group has been cancelled, but can be rescheduled if there is interest.

The next committee meeting is May 11 at the Mix.





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