DPJC Position Statement

No U.S. Intervention in Venezuela

Our position statement on the situation in Venezuela from the Human Rights and Justice Committee of the Dallas Peace and Justice Center.

The Dallas Peace and Justice Center notes with great concern and alarm the deteriorating political, economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and calls for de-escalation of tensions through peaceful negotiations. We unequivocally reject any attempts by outside forces such as the United States to forcibly remove from office the government of Nicolas Maduro. We also assert that bloodshed must be completely averted.

We agree with Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) who has said that while "Maduro is an authoritarian leader who has presided over unfair elections, failed economic policies, extrajudicial killings by police, food shortages and cronyism with military leaders," U.S. intervention in Venezuela's internal political affairs will only "make a bad situation even worse. A long history of U.S. political and military interventions has not only destabilized many Latin American countries but also created a profound mistrust towards the United States. This has strengthened Maduro's popularity and complicated the present situation. A proper relationship between the United States and its neighbors to the south must start with mutual respect and focus on ways to help economies grow and prosper.

We urge National Security Adviser John Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and newly appointed Venezuela envoy Elliot Abrams—all of whom have backed authoritarians leaders, death squads, and illegal wars throughout their careers in government---not to push for regime change and instead back regional dialogue initiatives such as the one proposed by Mexico and Uruguay.

It is entirely the prerogative of the noble people of Venezuela to decide the future of their revolution, not any foreign power. All that can come from outside intervention is more chaos and crisis, and God forbid, the misery and suffering of war.