Testimony: Police Heavy Handedness

Testimony given at the Dallas City Hall online meeting to address recent Dallas police heavy handedness against peaceful protesters.

(DALLAS, TX - June 5, 2020)
Hadi Jawad, Executive Director of Dallas Peace & Justice Center testified at a online public meeting of the Dallas City Council. The meeting solicited community input into how Dallas Police Department mishandled peaceful protests in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

"Mr. Mayor, the Dallas Peace and Justice Center CELEBRATES and APPLAUDS the youth in Dallas and across the nation for leading the way at this watershed moment in our history. This is how societal change occurs and we are grateful to our young people for shining a light in these dark times.

We IMPLORE the Dallas Police Department and Dallas City officials to work with MOTHERS AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY founded by a grieving mother Collette Flanagan who lost her son Clinton Allen, and Sara Mokuria who lost her father, to police violence. They have put forward a well reasoned and common sense 10-point plan that provides real solutions to policing problems in our communities.

We are HOPEFUL and PRAYERFUL that we will witness a change in culture in our nation because 'legislation' and 'trainings' only go so far!

We CONDEMN the threats by President Trump to use the military against peaceful protesters. His statement that "when the looting starts, the shooting starts" is abhorrent and irresponsible and must be rejected by all, including law enforcement and military personnel. We HOPE every single elected official and public servant will vehemently oppose the president's threat to deploy the military against peaceful protesters practicing their first amendment right.

Finally, we URGE City Hall to refuse military grade weapons under Federal Program 1033 from the federal government and immediately cancel all trainings of Dallas police under that program."

Thank you Mr. Mayor.