Santos Rodriguez: A Proclamation

July 10th - Dr. Garcia introduced a proclamation to keep the memory of Santos Rodriguez alive on the 47th anniversary of his murder by Dallas Police.


Santos Proclamation by ELBA

(DALLAS, TX - June 10, 2020)
DPJC Executive Director, Hadi Jawad addressed the Commissioner's Court after Dr. Garcia's proclamation was introduced:

"Good morning Judge, Honorable Commissioners, Honorable Dr. Garcia.

Thank you for keeping the memory of Santos Rodriguez alive. It has been 47 years since that tragic day but for many the memory of that sad day is still vivid and clear. Many continue to mourn a life that was cut short and still wonder why a 12-year-old boy sleeping in his bed at 2 o’clock in the morning was not safe from those who had sworn to protect him.

Much has happened since that fateful day and although new laws have been passed, police officers have received many types of trainings, tragedies continue to mount here in Dallas and across the country. In retrospect it appears that legislation and trainings only go so far and a deeper change, something more profound is needed. Perhaps what we need is a change in culture, A fundamental change in the way we view each other.

Stories have a way of changing culture. As responsible officials and leaders in our community, please continue to keep the memory of Santos alive. But please also consider what else could be done to tell this story to a new generation of young people. Could the story of Santos Rodriguez become a part of the curriculum of every school in Dallas County? Could the commissioners declare July 24 Santos Rodriguez Day in Dallas County in perpetuity? Could a major street In uptown or downtown be named in his honor? Could a school be named in his memory?

At the 47th anniversary of Santos’ brutal murder by Dallas Police approaches a question continues to hang over our heads: what can we do to make sure this child, this son of Dallas, who belongs to all of us now, did not die in vain?On Saturday July 25 at 9 AM There will be a caravan from Pike Park to Oakland Cemetery for a graveside service. Being mindful of concerns for the COVID-19 pandemic we are asking folks to remain in their cars.

Thank you Judge Jenkins and thank you Dr. Garcia."