Russians Meet Middle America (RMMA)
- a Citizen Diplomacy


A program sponsored by the Committee for Citizen's Initiatives (CCI).

The Hitt Auditorium at Methodist Hospital.
Parking for the auditorium is at the intersection of West Colorado Blvd and North Bishop Ave.
1441 N Beckley Ave, Dallas, TX 75203

March 27th from 7-9 pm.
Councilman Scott Griggs will introduce the program and our visitors.

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This program, Russians Meet Mainstream America, RMMA, is sponsored by the Center for Citizens Initiative, which has worked at the nexus of US-USSR/Russia relationship for 35 years, and participated directly in previous ‘hot periods’ when leaders on both sides were preparing for wars. The objective is to build a broad consensus among Americans and Russians that focuses on developing the knowledge, insights, skills and understanding necessary to address our national challenges. Our two nations are the guardians of thousands of nuclear weapons. We must take responsibility for controlling and ultimately eliminating these weapons. If even one weapon is detonated it would devastate our world and most likely start a nuclear volley that would extinguish all life on our planet. We cannot stand aside and let this happen.

The auditorium will be set up with several round tables. After introductions our visitors will join guests at each table. After 30 minutes our guests will rotate to another table. This should provide everyone with an opportunity to ask questions and exchange points of view in a relaxed setting.

Our visitors are 4 Russian women from Yalta in the Crimea, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinberg, and Krasnodar in Russia. They are ordinary Russians not associated with the Russian government. They all speak fluent English.

Lena Novomeyskaya is from Yekaterinburg, born in West Ukraine. She graduated from Sverdlovsk Pedagogical Institute with a major in linguistics—English and German studies. She also studied at York University Schuich School of Business in Toronto, Canada and has a diploma from Erikson University. She was an early organizer in her 20’s bringing Russians and Americans together out in the Ural Mountains of Russia. She took Rotary to her region and worked for a dozen years bringing Russian entrepreneurs to American companies for business training.

Elena (Lena) Victoronova-Ivanova of St. Petersburg was born on 10-10-1966. She graduated from Russian State University in Hydrometeorology with a BA and MA in Hydrology and an MBA from the Russian-American School of Management. She works in Real Estate with her husband and follows US-Russia relations very closely.

Tatyana (Tanya) Bukharina of Yalta in Crimea. She graduated from Simferopol State University with a Diploma in English Language and English Literature. She was an archive researcher and interpreter for the book-project “Sevastopol Wars: Crimea from Potemkin to Putin” by British Military historian Mungo Melvin. She now leads educational and historical tours in Crimea putting great emphasis on ecological tourism, nature-reserve development and ethnic historical heritage protection.

Natalie (Natasha) Ivanova of Krasnodar, born 4-10-57. She graduated in 1979 from Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages with a diploma in Foreign Languages. In 1998 she received a Certificate of Business Consultant and Trainer issued by TACIS. She worked for Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs in the 1990’s where she coordinated the Farmer to Farmer Program in the Krasnodar Region. Later she joined ConAgra International.

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