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The Dallas Peace & Justice Center

...keeps a finger on the pulse of activists’ concerns, and stands ready to lead or assist in research, education, dialogue and action for peace and justice.

As a volunteer-driven organization, the direction of DPJC’s efforts depends on the interests and energy of its constituents. At present, some of DPJC’s active teams and committees include the World Peace & Nonviolence Committee, Death Penalty Abolition, Nuclear Free World Committee, Human Rights & Justice Committee, Environmental Justice Committee, Youth Empowerment Committee, and the DPJC Communications Committee.

If you have the passion and energy to make a difference for justice and peace in the world, the Dallas Peace & Justice Center can assist you.

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Upcoming Meetings:

Our meetings are being held online via Zoom. To be notified of upcoming meetings and events, please visit the committee or board pages and ask to be added to the email distribution list, or contact the committee chairs. You can also join the committees' group pages on Facebook.