Peacemaker Awards Celebration:

Table and Seating Reservations

$1000 - VIP (Very Important Peacemaker) Table
Reserved table of 10 plus website/recognition in printed program*

$750 - Organization Table
10 Tickets

$500 - Justice Seeker
5 tickets (half a table) plus website/recognition in printed program*

$200 - Peace & Justice
2 Tickets plus website/recognition in printed program*

$225 - The Power of Three
Three General Admission Tickets

$150 - The Power of Two
Two General Admission Tickets

$75 - The Power of One
Individual General Admission

$30 - Student
Individual Student Admission

You can order additional combinations of these tickets as needed.

*(Please note that the printed program has gone to press
and acknowledgements will be made on the website and at the event.)

 Scholarships available:
Please contact Rita Beving
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Use our event form to order your tickets & tables:

Event Registration Form

Sorry - The event is sold out and ticket sales are closed.


Ghost Host - Can't be there?

Donate an amount from our seating options for someone in your place.

------  OR ------

You can make a donation in any amount you would like to contribute to help send someone in your place.



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